Prep PP950.jpg
Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer

Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer (PP 950) is an alkali resistant primer for masonry surfaces

Prep PU800.jpg
All Purpose Undercoat

Professional All Purpose Undercoat (PU 800) is an alkyd based undercoat

Prep PP500.jpg

Fillercoat (PP 500) is an economical good opacity acrylic coating for Interior use only

Prep PP700.jpg
Gypsum & Plaster Primer

Gypsum & Plaster Primer (PP 700) is a solvent based primer for masonry and gypsum surfaces

Prep PGS1.jpg
Water-Based Gypsum Sealer

Water-Based Gypsum Sealer (PGS 1) is a water-based sealer for gypsum and masonry surfaces

Prep PWC520.jpg
Waterproofing Compound

Waterproofing Compound (PWC 520) is an extremely durable water-based coating