Touch Up
                            Standard Aerosol                                                              Plascon Touch-Up                                                    Standard Spray Gun                                                                                                      

The Plascon Touch Up Paint Repair system offers a complete range of paint products in aerosol cans, from Primers to 2K Clear coats. With this new system, professional and cost effective paint repairs can now be carried out on small areas.


The system enables the users to fill into an aerosol can, any desired colour in various technologies and in the appropriate quantities. The aerosol filling technology unifies several patented innovations and excellent paint finishes can be achieved, which up to now would only have been made possible with a spray gun.



  • It is suitable for versatile applications, e.g. for motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, furniture making and woodwork, boats and yachts, as well as for industry and DIY

  • No comparable product quality is available in the entire competitive environment

  • No contact with paint, hardener, solvents and thinners

  • Plascon Touch Up guarantees fast, effective and economical paint repairs

  • Products have outstanding chemical, weathering, corrosion and scratch resistance

  • The entire painting process from priming, base and topcoat applications as well as clear coats can be completely carried out using the Plascon Touch Up System

  • There are significantly less emissions through spray mists (overspray) and free isocyanates compared with applications that use a spray gun

  • Up to 50 % process costs are saved when compared with a spray gun


Download the Touch Up brochure (here) for more information on product offering and services, see Resources.