Plascon Colour Forecast 2010

Africa enchants. With its warmth, its wilderness, its wisdom, its soul, and its colours. Africa is humbling, real and raw. It is both the place of origin and the future – a melting pot of passion, creativity and inspiration.

Inspired by Africa, the Plascon 2010 Colour Forecast honours the glorious nature and ancestry of Africa. It also celebrates the transformation of Africa and its incomparable strength and joy. The Africa of 2010 is a shining light to the world, a continent of creativity, beauty and pride. Just like its powerful palette.


Northern Exotica


Inspired by the French, Arabic and African cultures of Morocco and Tunisia, our palette is awash with refreshing blues and whites, an oasis of calm and coolness. Splashes of red create warmth, interest and depth.



Southern Spectacle


The hotpot of contemporary creativity, South Africa inspires with its spirit of ubuntu and cultural harmony. Here, high-tech meets ancient history, creating works of breathtaking originality and spirit. 

An eclectic palette of purples, greens, yellows and blues complement each other as beautifully as the vibrant, energetic mix of people who make up this extraordinary country. Explore and experiment. Be bold. Create a little colour magic of your own.



Eastern Promise

East Africa has long been a source of awe and inspiration: the extremes of the terrain, the wild animals and the raw elegance and self-sufficiency of the Masai and Samburu, adorned with animal skins and mud. 

The colours of the savannah and spices are woven into textiles and painted on walls. The East African world is spacious, wild and natural – a daily safari where every sense is stimulated and rewarded. 



 Western Desert

Culturally exciting and vibrant, West Africa dances and sways to a unique rhythm. Its colours are grounded and inviting – natural, cement, stone and orange – with highlights of optimistic blues and moody greens. 

This is a palette that both excites and soothes. It can be as arid and intoxicating as the Namib Desert, where moods shift like sand in a breeze – or it can be as soulful and uplifting as a bustling Nigerian bazaar. These are colours that are earthy, grounded, and comforting in their familiarity. This is a palette for the proudly African 



Every effort has been made to ensure that the colours on this website reflect the actual paint colours as accurately as possible. However, monitor settings vary considerably and we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Always confirm your colour selection using the colour chips available at your local Plascon retailer before making a purchase.