Love is more than an emotion. It is the power to change our world for the better. In this year's palette, we look to the romance of the past, coloured in soft, nostalgic pastels, and experiment with colours and textures to create something fresh and sophisticated.

We also look to our environment for inspiration, drawing the rich verdant and earthy tones of nature into our homes and lives, whilst embracing the bright colours and dynamic culture of our cities. This is a love of the past and the future, of nature and of the city.

Eco Sustenance

We are inspired by the freshness and energy of nature. We realise that we are part of nature, not separated from it, and we assume the responsibility for our shared future. From the deep reds and oranges of autumn, and the rich greens of growth to earthy-inspired naturals, nature permeates our lives more now than ever.

The Palette of 2011 celebrates us coming into our own as emotionally intelligent beings. We have both an awareness of the world, and the power to change it for the better. Our guiding principle for this new role is love. Love is about embracing what we hold dear, and ensuring that our future is a bright one  


Future Fusion

In Future Fusion we explore different influences and ideas, combining textures and finishes with serene colours to create an invigorating environment. Pearlescent and mirrored surfaces introduce shimmer and reflection to your surroundings, while the textures of velvet, plaid and lace provide a grounding tactility. 

The combination of these elements is inspiring and comforting, and creates a space for possibility and imagination in our lives. 


Romance Rekindled

Fall in love with the past all over again. Relive happy memories and conjure cherished places and times with the soft and feminine pastel shades of Romance Rekindled.

These evoke a welcome sense of nostalgia, and allow us a moment of introspection in our lives. 


Vibrant Possibilities

We reflect the culture and vibrancy of our urban environment with bold strokes of primary colour that excite and inspire. These vivid hues bring an energy into our homes, and a playfulness and a positive spirit with it.

 Focussed on the future, we are excited at the prospect of shaping our path through life, and the infinite possibilities that this brings. 


Every effort has been made to ensure that the colours on this website reflect the actual paint colours as accurately as possible. However, monitor settings vary considerably and we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Always confirm your colour selection using the colour chips available at your local Plascon retailer before making a purchase.