Officially launched at Decorex SA this year, Plascon Trends was proud to be the first to give a sneak preview of the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast.


–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance

Colour trends are influenced by the mood of society; we are drawn to colours that reflect how we feel. When stressed, we are drawn to gentle blues, greens and neutral colours and when we need a bit of motivation and energy, we crave more energetic reds and oranges. Our uncertain and changing environment has us seeking some balance and harmony in our lives and this led to the forecast theme being called “Balance”.

The forecast consists of four palettes – Simplicity, Contrast, Pause and Dare. The colours in these palettes are designed to help you bring balance and harmony in your home.



This is an honest palette. A base of chalky whites and neutrals appeals to our desire for calm and an uncluttered space – a space where we can relax and refresh our soul. The addition of green links us to nature and the metallics provide a lift and add to the sophistication of this palette.


Key Influences
: Everyday escape, understated elegance, raw textures, copper, antique gold and silver, safari chic, modern sanctuary spaces.




This palette sees the continuation of deep blues and greys that have been so popular this year. Light and dark denim blues are also included in the palette. This palette is given an energy boost with the inclusion of high-contrast optimistic, bright yellow and fuchsia pink.

–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance” – Contrast Palette, Images from Erdem Prefall 2012 ( & Estrilda bathroom range by Nicholas Castellan ( 

Key influences:
50s urban chic, colour defined spaces, vintage brights, sophisticated energy, optimism.

–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance” – Contrast Palette 


Pastel colours have been a highlight of many designer collections on the catwalk, including Ralph Lauren (inspired by The Great Gatsby), Louis Vuitton, Prada and Fendi. These soft washes of colour look as beautiful on walls 
as they do on the catwalk. This palette of pastels is calming and uplifting and can be easily introduced to a scheme, as they work well with neutrals and greys.

–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance” – Pause Palette (Image: US VOGUE, Grace Coddington’s “The Twenties Story Fashion Shoot” for the September Issue, 2007, Source: GOOSHNESS)

Key Influences: Icy tones, Great Gatsby, 1920s, shimmer and sparkle, nostalgia, soft and subtle.

–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance” – Pause Palette


Time for us to shift gears and move out of our comfort zones! These zinc toned brights are energy-boosting, without being manic and are great for colour-blocking and feature walls.


–– Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance” – Dare Palette, Images from &  

Key Influences:
Afro-chic, colour-blocked geometrics, folk-inspired art and craft, retro brights, bold minimalism.

Be sure to get your hands on a Plascon Forecast brochure; these are available from your nearest Plascon stockist.

You can get more inspiration and information on the forecast in the Plascon Spaces magazine (Issue 8). This trends issue includes a brochure and a fandeck of the 2013 forecast colours and is available at Exclusive Books, Woolworths, CNA and Spar.