In a multi-sensory world, the role of colour in balancing our environment becomes ever more significant. Looking neither to the past nor the future for inspiration, in 2017 we find everything we need to inform us wholly in the present. We begin to find more harmony with our connected world; whether we are turning it back upon itself for our protection, playfully immersing ourselves in its possibilities, or welcoming new sympathetic design into our home. In balance, we have rediscovered an appreciation for the skilled artisan and respond to the humble and authentic by slowing our pace, finding time for reflection and appreciation.  

Colour of the Year: “In the Mood” (O6-E2-3)

In an increasingly noisy, fast-paced world, we look to our Colour of the Year for calm. In the Mood is a complex and soothing neutral with an earthy, soft pink-toned base. As natural light enhances the shade, so too do natural materials. Woods and textiles complement in cocooning qualities while succulent foliage brings a freshness and connection to the earth and creates an airy escape.  


In the Mood is a connection to the outdoors and the open landscape beyond; there is no divide; we are sheltered, but free. The serenity conveyed by stones that have been smoothed over centuries, reflects the design of the Colour of the Year with tints barely perceived but deeply felt.  


It is a harmonious blend of mineral cool and organic warmth that soothes and heals, drawing us back to a place of peace and tranquility.




Reflecting a desire to resist intrusion and excess, Anonymous represents the discreet and essential. There is no retrospection, as this trend looks to the furthest advances in technology and architecture in search of invisibility and weightlessness. Suspended and floating structures, and surfaces that reflect and deflect, inspire to achieve a deliberate, intriguing absence.

This is a space in which we live and move unencumbered and unwatched. High-gloss, iridescence and mirror effects give glass-like reflectiveness, while blended and gradient paint effects add depth in uncomplicated, modern spaces.



Anonymous, but not invisible. Tonal combinations of unsugared pastels floating in a whisper soft, grey ground evoke a sense of lightness and clarity. Silky sheen and flat matt finishes enhance a sense of smooth continuity. Anonymous’ clear and clean palette is designed for ease of use with a range of cool neutrals anchored with expressive darks and enlivened with dreamlike accents. The inclusion of Metallic silver highlights the reflective qualities of the story.

Promoting creativity and innovation, purple is an ideal colour for a social or work space. Vancouver Dusk with its intriguing blackened undertone works as a bold but quiet anchor to the palette’s mid-tones and accents.

In a gradient banded design, Vancouver Dusk with Light Grey Aluminium is a modern realization of the feature colour block. For a softened tonal effect, enhance a blend of the cool greys with the gentle addition of Tiny Pink and underscore with Tribecca Corner.



The clean lines of a fresh, airy open space are accentuated with a palette of modern neutrals. Petite White walls are framed by the deeper grey of Tribecca Corner and highlighted with Metallic Silver.


Pastels glow in bubble-inspired clarity; boundless and iridescent they evoke a dreamlike state. Clear of clutter with walls in Space Box blue, a place to sleep is realized in the calmest of shades.  





Rich and multi-layered, Terrain draws inspiration from the warm earth and the topography of the natural world while relishing the security of the hearth and home. A resurgence in the appreciation of artisan and luxury crafts sustain a new sophisticated direction for an honest trend. Clean lines, graphic detailing and an air of precision are balanced with a reverence for the hand-tooled. The saturated, highly pigmented palette is harmonious. Each shade is designed to be applied in both tonal and contrasting combinations revealing a spectrum of cool depths and uplifting sunrises. Subtlety of texture from the patina of ceramic slip, the delicate emboss on leather, and the cool weight of stone, all speak to a craft finely formed and a life consciously lived.  


The depth and glory of a natural world palette. In the variegated, yet harmonious shades of deciduous leaves, we find our connection to the earth - eliciting feelings of security and wellbeing. Delicate textural finishes enrich nature’s beauty. A sense of Terrain’s generous, warm tones evoke a sense of home and place. As simple to apply as nature itself, a palette of joyful sunbaked earth hues are given further dimension with the inclusion of succulent blackened green and cool steely blue.



The cool, mineral tone of Hayley’s Cove paired with calm neutrals, levels a serene backdrop to the warmth of polished wood. A vibrant modernity is realized in red accents.



The compatibility of each colour within the palette is encapsulated in a modern multi-width stripe where the cool and warm hues are brought together in a harmonious graphic. Accessorised with soft touch-textures, the mood is contemporary and luxurious.  


Encouraging creativity and confidence, as well as stimulating conversation, energetic Sunset in the Desert is perfect for kitchens and social spaces. Anchored by the earth-bound shade, Terra Nova, and a swathe of cool neutrals, the effect is familiar yet new.



Bringing the outdoors in with earthy spaces that deflect the sun’s rays. The rich brown of Auberge provides a haven to be enlivened with joyful, crafted accents and the warmth of family and friends




The tactile beauty of stone and sand speak to the spirit of Terrain. Both coolness and warmth emanate from the elements and the artisan’s touch transforms the most simple of materials; in this we experience slow, conscious living.



Beyond the sunbaked ground there is a cool shelter to rest amidst dense, succulent botanicals. In the company of In the Mood and Landing, Ridge is the realization of a modern retreat. A shock of Terra Nova warms and invigorates.







In Prism we bring form to the abundance of digital and pixelated information challenging our equilibrium. Our most curious and outward-looking selves accept and embrace the distorted, disrupted and kaleidoscopic, experiencing almost childlike joy in such chaotic immersion. Curation and order is thus at the heart of harmonious application; colour zoning within spaces hints at the sophisticated and therapeutic interpretations possible.

A fractal environment is captured in Prism and distilled into a considered sequence of vibrant and vocal colours. Layered, linear and graphic patterns have a sense of dynamic motion and are shown to best effect on a silent, sympathetic scape. The spectral nature of Prism favours transparent and semi-opaque acrylics and glass in supporting accessories to illuminate this newly ordered environment. 


 Layered tonal scales in complementary colours demonstrate the clarity and depth reflected in Prism. Geometric blocks and linear cross-hatching, though simple, momentarily disrupt the eye, drawing us in for a longer look.­­

The geometry of a white prismatic form studded with a spectral range of sophisticated brights expresses a palette suited to clean lines of separation and deliberate application. The cool, light tones give frame and purpose to the saturated brights.  


Uplifting & engaging

The sunny yellow of Downy Duckling when applied with a graphic touch is as sophisticated as it is uplifting and engaging. The clarity of Pastel Tint and space of Silver Bird focus the eye.


Prism demonstrates connectivity within a space, interacting and enhancing the theme. Through a sequence of floating geometry on an implied three-dimensional scape, we see the soft complementary interaction of Berry Cream, Downy Duckling and Turkey Dimple (below).  



A feature stripe draws the eye to a geometric composition of the dynamic quartet: Deep Sea Reef, Berry Cream, Cabana and Pastel Tint. This cool, power combination, echoed in textile prints, underlines the dazzling modernity of both palette and application.  


Prism plays with tonal gradients evoking a third dimension and expanding the space. In an outdoor setting, ever lightening layers of cool and refreshing Cabana and Pastel Tint are the focus of a modern ombre scheme.  


A scape of Deep Sea Reef framed with energetic strokes of Silver Bird forms a spirited backdrop to the social space. To complete the setting, sunny yellow textile accessories bring desirable focus and warmth.  


Drawing together the playful and concordant Prism palette activates an inspiring creative place. From assertive Lobster Red to supportive Turkey Dimple and Pastel Tint, each layer works in harmony to create an energizing spectral motif.  




Pause is a place to breathe deeply and take a moment for ourselves. In an environment stripped of artifice, we shed our ego and find solace in quiet contemplation. With this time and space to appreciate the smaller details, beauty is found in the raw and unpolished, in the subtlest of textures and the gentlest of surroundings. Authenticity is the heartbeat of Pause; the tonal simplicity of the palette sets a mood of calm and reflection. Comforting cosmetic shades balanced with airy blue-greys and meditative neutrals are timeless and uncomplicated with echoes of the elegant beauty of centuries-old Japanese art. The mood is monastic without austerity; tactile unadorned finishes and humble scapes are bonded with a raw, powerful yet elegant gilded metallic.  


Gossamer touch-textures and the mindful Zen presence of a craft that is delicately expressed: Pause is raw, but sophisticated, focusing the eye and mind on the small details within an accordant, human palette.

The Pause aesthetic is balance and harmony, but it is a hushed colour group designed to support mediation and gentle, introspective vision. The stillness of fleshy tints and cool skies finds equilibrium with confident deep grey and the quiet luxury of metallic gold.  


A wash of cool Hudson yields an aura of calm and renewal; an appeal for the simplest decoration. In Nomadic Dream, the most contemplative of backdrops meditate in a pool of cool light and shadow.



The calming blue harmony of Nomadic Dream and the warm neutral Evening Mist shape a bathroom into a place of sanctuary. To realise complete balance, grace the environment with modest textiles and simple fittings.  


The peachy pink tones of Morning Clay, Petite and Perfect are dappled into a gentle feminine bedroom surround. Simple bleached wood and linen in spare design lends authenticity with modernity and elegance. A hint of luxury is found in warm, metal fittings.  


A cooling exterior of Rhine Castle contrasted with pale, clay tones give a spa-like quality to an outdoor space. Defined with natural sculpture, a quiescent Zen-like ambience prevails.

Natural materials in their most raw state affirm the honesty at the heart of Pause. The balance between the solid and the ephemeral unadorned object reflects the desire for harmony within a home.  


An airy scheme of Nomadic Dream, Evening Mist and Igloo enhance and reflect light into the space of an open-plan sequence. Delicate touches of deep grey and gold metal add a luxe dimension.  

Credits: Plascon Colour Forecast 2017


Photographer: Henk Hattingh
Production and Styling: Tina-Marié Malherbe
Production Assistant: Marianne Burke
Décor Assistant: Carmen Lotter
Photographer Assistant: Lee-Ann Olwage
Paint Effects: Paintiques
Painter: Deon Julies


Yemi at Boss Models
Carmen Lotter


Black Jug – Stable
Model: Yemi@ Boss Model | Hair and make-up: Carol Lupton, Gloss Artist Management
Felt Pebbles – Ronel Jordaan
Exterior Photo: Greg Cox
Production: Etienne Hanekom

ANONYMOUS: Ceramics – Tina-Marié Malherbe | Pink velvet cushions – Isobel Sippel | Table – Elevenpast | Laboratory glassware – Studio H | Futon Mattress – The Mattress Warehouse, Mico T3 Light – ELDC, Perpex Ghost Buster Shelf – Kartell | Cosy in Grey light – Crema Design | Replica Hay occasional chair in light blue – Chair Crazy, Lounge Chair –, Moroso Gentry Sofa – A+I Unlimited Design, Velvet cushions – Isobel Sippel, Coffee table – Haldane Martin at Leon CCXIX, Glass bowl – David Reade at Roche Bobois

TERRAIN: Yello ceramic bowl and wooden bottle – Stable, Pleated ceramic plate – Tina- Marié Malherbe | Plate on wall and on table – Michael Taylor at Chandler House, Vases – Ceramic Factory, Dining chairs – Weylandts | Lounge chair – @Home Living space, Crochet throw – Pomme Pomme | Daybed –, Cushions and throw – Isobel Suppel | Side Table – Weylandts | Jug – Weylandts, Wooden bowl – Stable | Yello Chair – @Home living space, Sofa – Sacks Corner, Scatter cushions – Isobel Sippel and Casamento, Wooden side table and rug – Weylandts, Cream chair – Loft Living, Vessels on shelf – Stable | Plants – Starke Ayres

PRISM: White prismatic bowl – Stable | Metallic shapes – Elsje Designs, Bed – Weylandts | Sun clock – @Home Livingspace | LIM sofa upholstered in Weft – Skinny laMinx, Scatter cushion – Isobel Sippel, Lamp – Crema Design, Hex side tables – Haldane Martin at Leon CCXIX | Dining table – James Mudge, Chairs – Vogel Design, Hex bowl – Ceramic Factory, 369 table lamp – Newport Lighting | Desk – Pedersen and Lennard, Stool – Stable, Clock – @home living space | Paper shapes – Simple Intrigue

PAUSE: Hand Crafted bowls – moonbasket | Bathroom – shot on location at In AWE Stays | Chair – Weylandts, Copper Ball Pendent light – Robert Thomson, Bed  - Weylandts | Exterior photo – Dook | Wooden vessels – Stable | Glass vase – Weylandts | Floor Lamp, white chair, retro wall shelf and desk lamp – all Weylandts, Sofa –, Side table – LIM, Study desk – Elevenpast, Copper shape – Loft Living


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