Plascon accepts and acknowledges our responsibility, not only in creating quality products, but also in encouraging a culture that is dedicated to progressive and sustainable solutions.

Green is not just a colour to us. We are actively committed to implementing environmentally considerate practices in every aspect of our business.

Striving to inspire more ecological considerate decisions, we have responded to the challenge by innovating unparalleled sustainable solutions based on three key pillars of compliance, sustainability, and products.

Compliance: Commitment to Green Processes

We’ve successfully implemented Environmental Management Systems in each of our South African manufacturing plants, and attained ISO 1 4001 certification at all of them.

Sustainability: Commitment to Green Practices

We continue to develop and implement ground-breaking environmental processes to ensure that our future remains sustainable.

Production: Commitment to Green Products

We continue to pioneer environmentally sensitive products without compromising the exceptional standards and performance that we’re renowned for.

The future is green. To find out more about what Plascon is doing download the full Green Handbook.