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Elastoshield™ (PES 1 & TED Tint Base) is a flexible, durable and weather-proof water-based coating

Low Sheen
Spread Rate:
5 m2/ℓ
Will assist in determining the quantity of product required
5 L and 20 L
White (PES 1), Pastel Tint Base (TED 1000), Deep Tint Base (TED 2000) and Transparent Tint Base (TED 3000)


  • For exterior application to suitably primed new and previously painted plaster, concrete, exposed plastered walls, window sills, small ledges and tops of plaster mouldings, as well as exposed weather-facing walls or fair faced brick walls


  • Fibre Guard™ - Interlocking microfibres to bridge hairline cracks up to 0.08mm
  • High build film protects and weather-proofs exterior walls
  • Highly elastic coat that can withstand repeated contraction and expansion over fine cracks
  • Enhanced flexibility and elongation at low temperature which can resist cracking at temperatures down to -5 °C
  • Slight stipple finish
  • Low VOC product
  • Water-based
  • Fungal Resistant
  • 10-year quality guarantee