An enlivening palette for summer 2020/2021

Nov 19, 2020

What do the island of Murano in Venice, the vibrant town of Sal Rei in Cape Verde, and the Bo Kaap in Cape Town have in common? If your answer was a distinctive character created by bright buildings with enticing colour combinations, then you’re right on the money. These remarkable destinations demonstrate the power and appeal of colourful exteriors and how zesty hues can enliven any type of architecture, whether classic or contemporary.

LemonTang GigglingGirl GreenJubilee SlowDance

Plascon’s new summer colour palette City to Surf invites the use of vibrant colour to make a statement – whether it’s on the entire exterior or just an entrance door. Similarly, City To Surf’s bright colours can transform interior design quickly, and turn rooms into vivid and exciting living spaces.

Plascon’s newest colour palette has been dubbed City to Surf because it pays homage to the Great South African Summer: the sea, sky, the lush colours in nature and the annual festive celebrations and migration to the coast, to soak up the sun, sand and sea.


City to Surf celebrates sun-kissed red, orange, vivid yellow, green, lilac and faded blues. These colours pop harder than pastels but are not strident, saturated brights. The feeling they create is cheerful, upbeat and optimistic – like a holiday for walls.

Using this mid-tone palette in a residential project will inject carefree vibrancy – whether it’s to liven up a holiday home or bring a feeling of happiness and excitement into an urban abode. The colours have names such as Surfing Sarah, Lemon Tang, and Sporty Blue - labels which capture the buoyant atmosphere these colours create.


The colours of the City to Surf palette can be tinted in all Plascon tint bases.

Double Velvet Pearl White _ Green Jubilee

The full City to Surf colour collection is made up of:

  • Sun Kissed Red – Go Go Red, R4-A1-1
  • Warm Orange – Giggling Girl, O4-A1-3
  • High Energy Yellow – Lemon Tang, Y6-A1-3
  • Playful Green – Green Jubilee, G3-A1-4
  • Bright Blue – Sporty Blue, B2-A1-2 
  • The Coolest Blue Pristine Blue, B4-A1-1
  • Lilac – Slow Dance, P4-A1-4
  • Faded Blue – Surfing Sarah, B4-A1-4
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