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We have listed some of the questions we get asked frequently below. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, then please consult PLASCON DIY or call our customer call centre on 0860 20 40 60.


An approximate cost for repainting the exterior of a double-storey four-bedroomed home and garage would be useful too (walls, windows, gutters and doors).

To paint double storey house using a contractor – exterior walls, gutters, windows and doors could vary depending on size, condition of substrate and paint, type of paint chosen and scaffold requirements. An estimate would be between R40,000 – R70,000


How do you make the best choice for your needs?

Provide the following information:
1. Substrate type
2. Substrate condition
3. When last painted
4. Condition of paint
5. Type of failure (Peeling, blistering, discolouration, cracking, chalking, efflorescence)
6. Type of paint used previously
7. Location (Interior, exterior, next to sea, high rainfall area, inland)
8. Life expectancy required (3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 years)

What are the pros and cons of trendy suede and mud paint finishes?

Aesthetics are great on feature walls but have limited life outside. Only specialised paints applied by approved applicants will provide the look and feel as well as the longevity.

What paints work best on what substrates – brick, plaster, wood, cement, concrete, corrugated iron, ceramic roof tiles etc?

To prepare the surface and select the right primer is vital:

    Preparation: Surfaces are to be cleaned dry. Apply plaster primer UC56 unthinned, Water based or solvent based paints can follow.
    Apply galvanised iron cleaner GIC1 and rinse off after 2 minutes to obtain a water streak free surface. Apply Plascon Roof Prime Sealer code RPS1, follow by 2 coats Plascon NuRoof code TRP
    Ensure surface is clean, dry & sound. Apply Plascon roof primer sealer code RPS1, followed by 2 coats of NuRoof Code TRP

What paints suit particular climates and conditions e.g. hot and windy Cape Town vs. hot and dry Joburg vs. hot and sticky KZN?

    A waterproofing high build coating Aquarista code PHB800 or Cashmere
    Wall & All, Cashmere, Micatex

What are the benefits of and differences between matt, emulsion, silk, suede and gloss?

The matt paints have low reflectance and hide imperfections. They are more prone to dirt retention. Sheen or gloss paints provide longer durability. Plascon Cashmere matt is manufactured on special technology & will provide long durability.

What particular trends in paint are important right now and are they here to stay? If not, why not? (e.g. bling pearlised paints may not, unlike diamonds, be forever?)


  • Modern colour combinations
  • Matt finishes
  • Fine texture finishes (subtle)
  • Longer life coatings

Trends change yearly in colour and every five years in texture. Technology improvements are key.


Would you have any idea what return on investment there might be in investing in repainting a house or resurfacing a drive or pathways in terms of property value (i.e. does it add real value to the house?)?

ROI is generally between 50% – 100% of the cost of remedial work.


What are the best options for keeping corrugated iron and slates in the best condition?

  • Clean the previously coated roof by scrubbing with a sugar soap solution. Rinse with tap water & allow to dry. Seal the entire roof with Plascon Roof Primer Sealer code RPS1
  • Apply two coats of Plascon NuRoof paint a 5sq metres per litre per coat allowing two hours drying between coats.

Are there materials that can be painted on to preserve particular substrates, e.g. bituminised asphalt-type finishes?

Bituminised asphalt type finishes become brittle and crack if not recoated every 4 years. Clean with a sugar soap solution. Rinse with water & allow to dry. Apply two coats of Plascon bituminous aluminium paint code RMB1 allowing overnight drying between coats.

What are the costs involved in cleaning and repainting a roof?

If you do it yourself it will be about R25.00 per sq. metre

Are there cost-effective ways of upgrading the look and condition of an existing roof?

  • Remove peeling paint & sand the edges.
  • Clean with sugar soap solution. Replace cracked tiles.
  • Sand rusted areas to bright metal on galvanised roofs including roof bolts, prime roof bolts & bright metal areas with Plascosafe 18 primer code EMS18.
  • Waterproof bolts by applying Plascon Multi seal over the primed bolts.
  • Seal roof with Plascon roof primer sealer code RPS1.
  • Finish with two coats of Plascon Nuroof Cool

N.B. Any other way will be less cost-effective in the long term.


Which exterior varnishes best suited to SA conditions?

Varnishes that contain transparent oxides (it’s like putting sun block on your skin)

How often do they need to be applied and what are the best products to use?

Three coats over properly prepared timber will last three years. The two best products to use are Plascon Woodcare Sun Proof and Crown Weatherglow both available in Gloss and Suede.

What sort of an alternative are oils?

Oils need to be re-applied every 8 months to 1 year. It is best to clean the oiled timber with hot water/ sugar soap solutions before re-application. Oils are used to provide a natural timber finish on hard woods e.g. Teak or to preserve and feed timber that is deteriorating e.g. splitting