25 Apr 2017

Leaders in the world of decor and design will be given prime space to showcase their unending talent in various settings at this year's Decorex Cape Town - co-sponsored by Plascon and Caesarstone - taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 27 to 30 April.

"Being a leader in the creative sphere, Cape Town has such a fantastic selection of internationally-renowned designers and we wanted to ensure there was a real representation across the decor, design and lifestyle industry" said Sian Cullingworth, Portfolio Director: Design, Lifestyle and Retail Exhibitions. "We feel this has been achieved with top-level industry players participating in a number of Decorex features, and using this platform to engage with the public through 2017's amazing trends"

Designer Spotlight

Visitors will be treated to an overwhelming sensory stimulation at this year’s Decorex Cape Town Designer Spotlight which will be showcasing a living and dining room space curated by the incredible Studio Dylan Thomaz.
A firm believer that every space should tell a story, Thomaz has carefully selected every item for the installation. "The story matters," explained Thomaz, "and it's this story that inspires my work."
Thomaz has been crafting an inspired narrative for feature, merging elements of the old and new world into a harmonious space, while incorporating furniture supplied by Coricraft. He will also bring in 2017's 'greenery' and 'texture' trends, encouraging a refreshed atmosphere that soothes the senses.

Dylan Thomaz

This year’s Decorex Cape Town Designer Spotlight, Dylan Thomaz of Studio Dylan Thomaz will be showcasing a living and dining room space.
(Image: Supplied by Dylan Thomaz)

Noir Restaurant + Bar

Specialists in custom installations and furniture pieces, Petra Vonk Design Studio will bring its signature bold designs and crowd-stopping pieces in the creation of the Noir Restaurant + Bar, presented by Bavaria.
"We fuse art, design and decor to create engaging interior and exterior spaces and experiences," explained Petra Vonk. "For the Noir Restaurant + Bar, we have been given the Black on Black Trend to work with so we have incorporated unusual pieces, all once-off and custom-made, while mixing modern and reclaimed items. This gives the finished product a really high-end look and feel."
In addition to the Black on Black, the team will incorporate the Urban Jungle Trend by creating a 3,6m tall curved feature wall, cladded with faux plants and internal custom lighting. Another showstopper will be two giant standing lamps with 'duck feet' casted from resin as well as a curtain wall crafted using about 150 different doilies, hand-dipped to create black, charcoal and marble effects. And a final touch will be the playful, yet modern, oval toy mirror, connecting back to the Black on Black.
"We love working with Decorex," said Vonk. "It's one of the most well-known exhibition brands in the country and we always end up meeting other big brands and collaborating with other designers that we meet at the show."

Petra Vonk


Petra Vonk of Petra Vonk Design Studio will bring its signature bold designs and crowd-stopping pieces in the creation of the Noir Restaurant + Bar, presented by Bavaria.

Decorex Themed Feature

Christina Wiese Interiors will be collaborating with Ernst H. Interiors on the Decorex Cape Town Themed Feature that brings to life the 'Make your space your living dream' theme.
"This really resonated with me," explained Wiese, "because our lives have become so fast-paced and results-focused, and the toll that such constant uninterrupted stress takes on our health is enormous. As Tom Ford so eloquently put it 'time and silence are the most luxurious things today'; and I could not agree more. I wanted to create a space where time could be slowed and silence could be savoured."
The duo is curating a living room area based in a contemporary, beachside villa. The space will be for relaxation while appreciating the natural surroundings.
She continued: "Nature is such a gift and the effect it can have on our mood and well-being is grossly underestimated. Our homes should allow us to harness the power of nature in order to unwind and recharge. A big door or window can often do the trick."
Visitors can expect clean lines, classical proportions and neutral colour palettes, bringing in the trending 'green' colour which looks towards nature for inspiration and rejuvenation. Lighting will be provided by Ernst's featured lamps from his latest range, FFOLE.
"I want the basic backdrop of the room to be timeless and versatile so that personal items, collections, art, and fabrics can really shine," she explained. "I love to work with calming, natural colours and then bring in a lot of texture to add depth and interest. I find black accents for certain architectural features or decor can also have a really bold impact and make a place look super chic."
She said she was excited to collaborate with Ernst who put a strong focus on quality materials and true craftmanship. "Our aesthetic styles are quite different," she admitted,"he has an affinity for minimalist design whilst I would describe my aesthetic as more classic contemporary. However, I think collaborating with someone who comes at things from a different angle creates the opportunity for both designers to move out of their comfort zone and create something fresh and unique."

Christina Wiese


Christina Wiese of Christina Wiese Interiors will be collaborating with Ernst H. Interiors on the Decorex Cape Town Themed Feature that brings to life the "Make your space your living dream' theme.

We Are Cape Town by 100% Design South Africa

There will be some 36 local designers exhibiting at the We Are Cape Town installation which is taking place alongside Decorex Cape Town. This breath-taking exhibit has been conceptualised and curated by 100% Design South Africa's Creative Director, Cathy O'Clery. The installation brings together the city's enablers, curators, collaborators, studios and designers who've placed the Cape Town brand on the world design map. Among the design elite are ceramicist, Clementina van der Walt with studio mate, Peta Becker of Projekt; as well as Laurie Wiid van Heerden, working with Anthony Harris and Gerhard Swart of Ceramic Matters.

Clementina Ceramics specialises in diverse ranges of bespoke tableware, architectural panels, decorative plates and sculptural items. Together with Projekt, specialising in crochet work, and vintage lighting by Hoi P'loy, the team will unveil incredibly unique pieces that fuse these various crafts.
"The collaborative sculptural pieces showcasing at We Are Cape Town will be reflective of our individual styles," explained Van der Walt. "We've worked to combine hand-constructed ceramic vessels with sculptural crocheted cacti, forming a plant or rock abstract landscape."
Also featuring at We Are Cape Town is a new table collaborative by Laurie Wiid van Heerden and Ceramic Matters.
"All my pieces incorporate handmade elements, pieces that are part of the production which I oversee personally," explained Wiid van Heerden. "This is very important to me and I believe it brings out the value of my products, similar to investing in a piece of art."
This personal touch will come through in the collaboration which will feature a dining table and circular side table, bringing in beautifully handmade ceramic tiles by Ceramic Matters.
"We have become dear friends over the years and have collaborated on quite a few product ranges already," said Wiid van Heerden of Swart and Harris. "For the show, I have designed and manufactured furniture incorporating black powder-coated steel and American Walnut. Ceramic Matters then fabricated hand-made, reactive, glazed tiles, with careful consideration given to the tight tolerances and shrinkage of the material and the design. We then skilfully combined the ceramic element within the table structures."
To view work by the country's leading decor and design representatives in one setting, visit Decorex Cape Town from 27 to 30 April at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Tickets are sold through and at the door.

We Are Cape Town


A representation of some of Cape Town's incredible designs will be featured at the We are Cape Town installation at Decorex Cape Town.
(Image: Supplied by 100% Design South Africa)

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