Use MasterMix to run your business best suited to your specific needs. A complete range of Colourants designed to bring you colour consistency across various technologies.


MasterMix is separated into two distinct systems:

  1. The first is a Universal Colourant Binder System (UCR) designed to produce solid colours in three technologies: namely 2K, Cargoline and Flowline. To achieve these technologies a range of Universal Colourants have been developed for use with three binders.

  2. The second system is solely Basecoat Technology (OBR) which incorporates Basecoat Colourants with a Basecoat binder.

    Benefits of the MasterMix System include:                                             mastermix1

    • Accurate colour recipes can be achieved in each technology

    • Clean colourants to mix wide range of colours

    • Colour formulations have been developed taking cost and colour accuracy into account

    • Colour recipes are now available in binder and balanced systems for each technology

    • Excellent in-can stability

    • Good coverage

    • Greater colour space and tinting capabilities

    • High quality pigments to ensure a long lasting finish

    • Savings in stock holding and space

    • Using the MasterMix recipe prevents metamerism from occurring


    Binder + Universal Colourants as per recipe = Finished Product

    MasterMix Universal Colourants compliment the following three technologies:


    With proven ability to meet the growing demand for an affordable refinishing brand, Plascon 2K offers high gloss, excellent flow, high durability and good coverage – features which ensure 2K’s popularity with professional refinishers.

    The 2K range of products also consists of white, black, clear, 4:1 MS primer, hardeners and thinners. Formulations are available for SA Car Colours, RAL as well as SABS Colours.


    A fast drying, superior quality nitrocellulose with exceptional flow properties, the Flowline range is ideal for use on surfaces requiring a durable, high gloss finish.

    The Flowline range of products also consists of white, finishing black, matt black, clear, primer and thinner. Formulations are available for RAL and SABS Colours.


    This multi-purpose air dry enamel coating is well suited to a variety of automotive and light industrial applications. Based on a unique alkyd resin, Cargoline has been formulated to show off its best colours outdoors. It provides added protection and is the perfect enamel finish for commercial vehicles and other valuable equipment. With high quality standards this product provides excellent coverage, long lasting gloss and quick drying properties.

    The Cargoline range of products also consists of white, black, clear and thinner. Formulations are available for RAL and SABS colours.


    Basecoat Binder + Basecoat Colourants as per recipe = Finished Product

    An economical and reliable system delivering the perfect finish. Easy to apply with a smooth lay down offering excellent coverage and is suited to panel and overall repairs.

    The comprehensive range of basecoat colourants provides refinishers with the ultimate colour matching capability to satisfy the needs of the passenger vehicle refinishing market.

    Download the MasterMix brochure (here) for more information on product offering and services.