Plason Touch Up Aerosol



Plascon Touch-Up is an innovative aerosol can that is part of the Plascon MasterMix Range. Paint as well as a hardener is included in one spray can. Plascon Touch-Up spray paint products are ready for use at any time (in 2K products, after they are activated).


This technology is independent of spray booths, spray guns, compressors and supply lines (e.g. electrical connections).


Long setup (like cleaning, stirring and adding hardener) are completely avoided.


Some of the advantages include:


  • Time Saving
  • Technology suitable for solvent-based 1K and 2K paint systems
  • Highly compatible with the MasterMix system
  • Environmentally friendly as this technology does not pollute the air with solvents and cleaning agent vapours
  • The system is quick, clean and easy to use




Plascon MasterMix offers a complete range of colourants designed to bring colour consistency across various technologies.


The MasterMix range consists of two systems, the Universal Colourants Binder System (UCR) and the Basecoat Technology System (OBR). The UCR system produces solid colours when used with a binder in three technologies: namely 2K, Cargoline and Flowline. The OBR system incorporates basecoat colourants with a basecoat binder.


Some of the benefits of the MasterMix range includes:


• Clean colourants to mix wide range of colours

• Colour formulations have been developed to ensure cost and colour accuracy

• Excellent in-can stability

• Good coverage

• High-quality pigments to ensure a long lasting finish


Plascon Container
Plascon Truck



Kansai Plascon is a proud distributor of Commercial Vehicle paint. Our premium Acryline range is specially formulated to provide the best quality paint through our tried and tested solutions. 


Our Acryline range has a heritage that goes more than 32 years and is still growing. This range can be used on anything with wheels and tracks. We have recently extended our range by introducing 2 new systems, Direct-2-Metal and Wet-on-Wet. 


Both systems have been created to save time and money.


Some of the benefits of Acryline include:


  • High gloss levels
  • Great quality (Trusted over 32 years)
  • Great UV stability
  • Excellent clear coats
  • Does not require a mixing bank (cost saving)
  • Professional technical assistance