Prep PP950.jpg
Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer

Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer (PP 950) is an alkali resistant primer for masonry surfaces

Prep PU800.jpg
All Purpose Undercoat

Professional All Purpose Undercoat (PU 800) is an alkyd based undercoat

Walls PHB800.jpg

Aquarista (PHB 800 & THB Tint Base) is a durable pure acrylic emulsion paint with good flexibility and waterproofing properties

Trims PSB1000.jpg
Brilliant White Gloss Enamel

Brilliant White Gloss Enamel (PSB 1000) is a high quality alkyd based gloss enamel

Walls PSB600.jpg
Damp Plaster Paint

Damp Plaster Paint (PSB 600) is a superior quality solvent based coating

Trims PSB700.jpg
Eggshell Enamel

Eggshell Enamel (PSB 700 & TEG 1000) is an alkyd based enamel with a low gloss eggshell finish for interior use

Walls PES1.jpg

Elastoshield™ (PES 1 & TED Tint Base) is a flexible, durable and weather-proof water-based coating

Prep PP500.jpg

Fillercoat (PP 500) is an economical good opacity acrylic coating for Interior use only

Trims PSB800.jpg
Gloss Enamel

Gloss Enamel (PSB 800 & TGE Range Tint Bases) is a good quality alkyd based high gloss enamel

Prep PP700.jpg
Gypsum & Plaster Primer

Gypsum & Plaster Primer (PP 700) is a solvent based primer for masonry and gypsum surfaces

Textured PTX1200 (10 July 2013).jpg
Marroca Coarse Texture

Marroca Coarse Texture (PTX 1200 & PTX Tint Bases) is a coarse textured water-based paint with excellent exterior durability and weather resistance

Textured PTX1001 (23 April 2014) LR.jpg
Marroca Heavy Texture 1mm

Marroca Heavy Texture 1mm Suede (PTX 1001 & TTX Tint Bases) is a 1mm tight pattern attractive granular suede finish coating