Perennially popular, lighter colours will be in demand this Spring, says the Plascon Colour Team

Aug 06, 2020


Typically, lighter colours – if paint sales figures are anything to go by - have always been top sellers in the South African market. Conventional wisdom points to the sweltering warmth of our climate and the ability of lighter colours to reflect heat - particularly when used on roofs and exteriors - and thereby provide a cooling effect.

Soft and inoffensive from an aesthetic perspective, lighter colours are crowd-pleasers. They’re often the compromise solution when it comes to reaching colour consensus on projects where the redec decisions are made by committees like Body Corporates. Simply put, it is much easier getting everyone to agree on a soft beige than a shocking pink. Factors like property appreciation and making a building as appealing as possible to the greatest number of people are important.

Which is why a more pastel palette is often a contractor’s go-to solution. Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has served to deepen this tendency. In this time of social, informational and emotional overload, the world is seeing a rise in the search for wellness, especially in the face of social distancing and other self-preservation tactics. Amidst the constant fear, anxiety and uncertainty, there is yearning for community, connection and peace.


Because colour has the ability to assuage some of these longings, the Plascon Colour Team has responded to the needs of the new normal by putting together a Spring palette of pale colours that responds to the times. The colours are predominantly soothing pastels and fall under the umbrella name of Gentle Serenity. Colours that engender feelings of warmth, comfort, security and wellness have been chosen.

To modernise the pastel palette concept, the Plascon Colour Team has selected fresher tones of blues and greens, together with soft yellows and neutrals that epitomise warmth, happiness and joy. Pinks and lavenders are “no longer girly colours and these warm hues bring healing, comfort and security,” says Nozipho Kunene, Plascon’s Colour and Retail Marketing Manager.