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Feb 14, 2018

Summer can be tough on your home’s exterior. Donovan Bezuidenhout, who is responsible for training, quality assurance and development at the Plascon Paint Academy, is our go-to expert on all matters paint-related. From rust to patios to outdoor furniture, he answers our outdoor questions.

Ask Plascon

IMAGE CREDIT | Micky Hoyle

Q: What is the best outdoor paint to use on my patio, which gets a lot of wind and rain?

A: You can use Wall & All, a durable, washable pure acrylic emulsion paint for exterior use with a suede sheen finish. It offers extensive colour fade resistance, superior dirt resistance, is alkali-, mould- and water-resistant, and comes with a 12-year quality guarantee.

Q: We live in Muizenberg, where even plastic rusts! Our metal light switch covers are showing signs of rust. How should I revive them?

A: If the light switches are made of mild steel you can remove the rust by abrasion, then apply a coat of Polycell End Rust. Ensure that the areas to be treated are clean, dry and free of oil and grease. Finish with two coats of solvent-based Velvaglo.

Q: What is the difference between interior and exterior paints? Is it okay to use an exterior paint on interior walls?

A: The main difference between good-quality interior and exterior products is the UV and weather resistance that an exterior product offers, and the washability and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) of an interior paint. Exterior products can be used inside, but interior products should not be used on exterior surfaces.

Q: I have cane/wicker outdoor furniture that gets annihilated by the sun. It’s in desperate need of a coat of paint and some TLC, but I have no idea where to start. Please help.

A: Painting cane or wicker furniture needs to be done slowly and carefully. Due to the nature of the surface there is the need for regular maintenance, especially the seating area. I suggest a light sand to create adhesion. Dust it off with a dry cloth. Apply one coat of Universal Undercoat and allow to dry and cure for at least 10 days before painting with an overcoat. Apply two coats of Wall & All exterior paint, allowing sufficient drying time between coats.

Summer can be tough on your home’s exterior. From rust to patios to outdoor furniture, our Plascon expert answers our outdoor questions.