Colour of the Month September 2018 – Desert Spring

Aug 31, 2018
By Claire Bond, Plascon Stylist and Brand Ambassador


Desert Spring 01

IMAGES | From left to right: Plascon SPACES Magazine | Pinterest | Plascon stripe card (Plascon Spaces Showroom)

Our Plascon Colour of the Month, Desert Spring (G1-C2-3) is the perfect pastel paint colour to introduce you to spring. There are no better descriptive words than these below, penned by the famous British novelist Charles Dickens, to describe spring and our Colour of the Month.

"Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade."

Desert Spring feels cool, but when painted in a room it proves to be energizing and uplifting in a dizzy and playful, dare-to-be-different kind of way.

Desert Spring 02


Pastel shades in design and fashion are finally being taken seriously once again, and we are about to see them become the new neutrals.

Try combining pastels with grey or even use them as a colour to replace grey.

The trend forecasting agency WGSN, with which Plascon consults to produce our Annual Global Forecast, has revealed that a pastel shade of green will dominate interiors and fashion in 2020. In an interview with online architecture and design magazine Dezeen, WGSN'S colour director Jane Monnington Boddy stated that mint is "a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature".

We couldn't agree more. Desert Spring is a refreshing tone that is guaranteed to breathe life into any designed space. It is absolutely oxygenating!

Desert Spring 03

IMAGE | Sumiyoshido clinic for acupuncture in Japan. Treatments in this clinic are based on oriental medicine (

This Oriental Medicine Clinic is a herbal pharmacy situated in Aichi, Japan. The pharmacy was designed by a Japanese firm, design office id.

There are two sections to this working space: the Kampo lounge, which is painted in a mint hue and expresses a world of herbal medicine derived from plants, and an acupuncture clinic painted in white. The use of different colours shows that one building has two sections, each used for a different purpose.

The acupuncture clinic uses a system of complementary medicine (fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific lines of energy better known as meridians) used in the treatment of various physical and mental conditions. The Kampo Lounge side is where doctors prescribe herbal medicine.

Desert Spring 04


The interior designer wanted to create a space in which the occupant could experience an atmosphere where solidity and weightlessness of furniture co-exist.

Desert Spring 05

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When this pastel hue is associated with white, it stands out and appears almost luminous.

Desert Spring blends well in both vintage and contemporary environments.

Desert Spring 06


Portuguese architect, Cláudio Vilarinho designed this university building which houses the school's institute of science and innovation for bio-sustainability. The university is situated in the Braga district in the north of Portugal.

The new building provides facilities for research and innovation-led courses focusing on the sustainability of the built and natural environments.

Desert Spring 07


The architect has designed a building that appears as a monolithic block, with a cantilevered section extending above its main entrance. The external mint green has also been used in sections of the interior where it energizes the cool grey off-shutter cement walls.

Desert Spring 08

IMAGES | From left to right: | Claire Bond | Plascon stripe card (Plascon Spaces Showroom)

Bearing in mind that mint is a colour that aligns to science and nature, I challenge all of you reading this post to embrace this dynamic shade that oscillates between misty blue and watery green. Let us know if you have used this colour and how it impacted your mood and the mood of those using your minty place.