Colour of the Month October 2018 – HOORAY!

Oct 03, 2018
By Kerstin Eser, Plascon Media Stylist and Colour Specialist


spring summer colour - hooray 25
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Spring has sprung and summer is most definitely in the air. What better way to celebrate the new season than by adding a little vibrant energy with the 'fluorescent' pastel HOORAY O3-A1-3.

Although sharing the energetic nature of red, Hooray is a muted yet fun and vivid colour that typically represents positivity and playfulness. It is the perfect colour to add excitement and cheerfulness to any palette, space, and beauty or fashion accessory.

Following on from our Hot 'n Spicy colour for July, the colour of the month for October falls into our Inspired orange collection and although not as intense as red it most definitely is far from a timid hue. Hooray is a combination of peach and coral, which is essentially a bright pastel pinky orange. If you are looking for that perfect combination of a bright peach and a coral – hooray is your colour.

spring summer colour - hooray 01
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I read somewhere that orange burns with intensity yet will not scorch the way red does. I think that is an apt description. It is a 'hot' tone that is not as forceful as red and has a little more depth to it than yellow. It is a colour that comes alive in autumn – a time characterised by renewal, change, transition and movement. In other words, Hooray is a colour to introduce when you are going through change or you need to encourage change.

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The power of colour

Orange and its various shades are strongly associated with creativity. As such, they are often used in creative communal spaces. We also frequently see them used in advertising and for brand identity.

"Positive associations that typically come along with orange include affordability, beauty, earthiness, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, friendliness, health and vitality, humor, playfulness, seasonal changes and warmth." (

It is interesting to note that while writing this post the gun laws in America were an international topic of interest. Orange became the official colour of National Gun Violence Awareness:

spring summer colour - hooray 03

"Why Orange? Because Orange is what hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves from harm. Orange is a bright, bold color that demands to be seen. Orange expresses our collective hope as a nation – hope for a future free from gun violence, where our movie theaters, our concerts, our places of worship, and our schools are free from gun violence." (

Choosing a harmonious colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme it is helpful to know what colours go into your chosen colour because you can utilise the undertones to create a harmonious palette. This can be enhanced by knowing the complementary, related and adjacent colours that increase the possible options.

A true orange is a secondary colour that embraces and combines the dynamic richness and depth of red and the bright freshness of yellow. In layman's terms, Hooray is a true orange with a little more red and yellow added to it.

If you look at Hooray on the Plascon colour chart you will note it sits closer to red than yellow. That being said, in order to give the colour its retro, neon, pastel appeal, it has a fair amount of yellow colourants in it. Although a muted version of its deeper shade on its colour card – Tangerine Tango O3-A1-1 – it is still considered to have a bright chroma.

Plascon colour hooray swatch

If you use Hooray's analogous or related colours – the colours that sit on either side of Hooray in our Inspired Plascon's colour wheel – you will be able to create a dynamic colour combo that is fresh, inviting, contemporary, and super energetic.

Its complementary colour would be a blue like Monet Magic B3-A1-1 or Blue for You B3-A1-3 (yikes, a bold and brave combo!). In forthcoming pictures you will be able to see where and how this combination has been used.

plascon colour hooray complementary

And lastly, its adjacent colours would be a yellow like Summer Memory Y2-A1-3 and/or a purple red like Valentine Rose R2-A1-2. Again, this combo may seem way too bold and brave (see forthcoming images showing how these combinations work together).

plascon colour hooray adjacent

HOORAY for colour inspiration!

Use as a bold accent in architecture and design to create inviting and playful spaces:

spring summer colour - hooray 07
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spring summer colour - hooray 08

In retail spaces:

spring summer colour - hooray 10
IMAGE | Mansur Gavriel in New York (

CoTM Oct 2018 - 10
IMAGE | The Flower Shop, New York, Photo by The Fashion Display (Pinterest)

On stationery:

spring summer colour - hooray 11


spring summer colour - hooray 12
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In interiors, create a statement with Hooray set against clean backdrops of white or soft grey:

Cspring summer colour - hooray 13

Cspring summer colour - hooray 14
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Cspring summer colour - hooray 15
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spring summer colour - hooray 16
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Hooray also creates a striking bathroom colour:

spring summer colour - hooray 17
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In both interiors and architecture, combine it with complementary blue shades:

spring summer colour - hooray 18
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spring summer colour - hooray 19
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Works beautifully with greens:

spring summer colour - hooray 20
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Add a little boldness with dramatic blue greys:

spring summer colour - hooray 21
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spring summer colour - hooray 22
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The other adjacent: yellow – makes for an exciting, fresh, retro palette:

spring summer colour - hooray 23
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And to end with these graphic combinations:

spring summer colour - hooray 24
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Whether used sparingly or without restraint, Hooray adds exciting energy to any space or design and will always make a statement.

Take the plunge!