Colour of the Month November 2018 – Ravine

Nov 13, 2018
By Claire Bond, Plascon Stylist and Brand Ambassador

Ravine (62) is not only our featured colour for November, it is a much more important hue! It is our much anticipated NEUTRAL OF THE YEAR from the 2019 Plascon Colour Forecast!

Being the colour lover that I am, my home walls have been covered in all colours of the rainbow spectrum. While working on the trends and the 2019 Colour Forecast, I found that my interest has shifted from being a spectator of the grey trend to actually thinking about painting my exterior and interior spaces in a shade of grey.

This about-turn prompted me to consult my colour psychology books which explained that when we seek out the colour grey it is time to pause and recalibrate. This is particularly relevant for those of us living in an overstimulated world. Grey is solid, stable and emotionless, which makes it a wonderful colour to get us back to basics. It is also the perfect colour to use as a canvas so that you can start re-imagining your home this summer.

summer colour - ravine 03
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Have you noticed the present obsession with 1950's mid-century modern? The 50's elements are coming through in Brutalist architecture, where off-shutter concrete is the material of choice. In my opinion it is this time-worn, flawed beauty of raw concrete – used in conjunction with mind-century modern design – that is the reason why the greys have become so popular in recent years.

summer colour - ravine 03

This house, designed by South African architectural firm Daffonchio Architects, is set on a secluded site in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. The exterior is a mix of off-shutter cement and slick materials, while the interior displays authentic mid-century furniture and a coat of matt grey paint applied to selected walls. I suggest plush matt Cashmere product for interior walls.

Summer greys - Plascon colour swatches

  • Ravine 62 has a warm, grey-beige taupe undertone and is a welcoming and inviting colour. This is the ideal colour for a more sophisticated and elegant look and feel.
  • Silver 38 has a cool blue undertone, which works well in a modern space with large windows that allow in light.
  • Fynbos Leaf 57 has a green undertone and works well as an interior feature wall or external accent colour to complement Paris Paving 53 which is a charcoal grey.
  • Offshore 50 has a brown undertone, which makes this colour an excellent neutral. It is not too grey or too brown.

Just when you think you have selected the perfect grey, you paint your walls and end up with a certain shade of blue, green or even purple. That is never ideal of course.

Grey is a tricky colour to get correct because of these different undertones, as can be seen above. The digital paint swatches show the difference between a warm rosy-coloured grey, a cool blue or green grey, and an earthy in-between beige grey.

summer colour - ravine 05

The 50's Brutalist look has evolved and given way to a more sophisticated look.

Here we see antique chandeliers, luxurious textures and a dash of mid-century modern furniture placed here and there against a backdrop of off-shutter cement. Alternatively, paint your walls in a luxurious coat of the colour Ravine (62) in plush matt Cashmere.

summer colour - ravine 06
IMAGES | (Photographer: Francis Amiand)

During the 50s and 60s the look had a cheeky mood, and in my opinion would look too groovy retro. At the moment there is a fresh take on the 50's look, which we are seeing coming though in décor. It is all about using Brutalism pieces as accents, as opposed to being placed all over the entire room. A curvy modern shaped sofa and ottoman complete this living space.

summer colour - ravine 07
IMAGES | (Photographer: Francis Amiand)

In order to create this type of mood, introduce pops of bright colour and add various types of texture – stone, wood and leather – to bring in a grounded ambience. Add Brutalist light fixtures and art to complete this super modern but welcoming space.

summer colour - ravine 08
IMAGES | Pinterest

My idea of the perfect classical grey hue is our Colour of the Month and also our 2019 Forecast Neutral of the Year: Plascon Ravine (62). Ravine has a warm mauve-grey hue rather than a cool blue hue. From my experience of working with clients I have found that the warmer greys are more suitable for homes on the Highveld, whereas at the coast the cooler green or blue-grey hues are best.

summer colour - ravine 09
IMAGES | Pinterest. The Tulip dining room table (right) was originally designed by Eero Saarinen (circa 1956).

For a more romantic interior, include pastel colours as décor touches to complement Ravine.

The colour grey is not only modern or traditional. Grey can be used as the perfect neutral background to either add colour or simply stay monochromatic. Being the complete neutral that it is, grey pairs perfectly with almost every colour, which leads me to the conclusion that grey shows no sign of going away in the immediate future.

summer colour - ravine 10
IMAGES | Left: (Photographer: William Waldron) | Right: Pinterest

The best tip I can give you is to remind you once again that not all greys are equal; compare different grey stripe cards against each other to pick up the warm or cool undertones.

Now that you have some direction as to how to select a grey, bear in mind that the warmer greys will pair well with feature walls painted in millennial pinks and pastel apricots – provided you want a warm, rosy and inviting mood. Remember that the millennial-type pink will reflect on the warm, rosy grey hue and will make the grey seem pinker and as a result warmer. To cool the space down, a cooler blue grey will counteract the red in the millennial pink and will make the room feel cooler and contemporary.

Perhaps it is time to get some stability back into your environment by introducing a splash of Ravine 62 into your interior spaces.

To view the colour Ravine please visit a Plascon retailer in your area where you can take home a stripe card or purchase a 1L sample of the colour to test drive on your wall. It is best to paint a sample on your wall before purchasing the quantity necessary for an entire project.

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