Colour of the Month December 2018 – Golf Greens and Red Flame

Dec 05, 2018
By Zurita Moore, Plascon Digital & PR Manager

As we approach the end of the year, we are starting to see a proliferation of red and green hues that are customarily associated with the festive season. But the notion that the use of green and red, in any combination, should be solely reserved for the festive season is no longer tenable in colour design.

With the launch of the Plascon Colour Forecast 2019 we see the rise of beautiful bright colours as part of the URBAN colour story. This palette builds on industrial greys that are paired with vibrant accent colours to take your street cred to the next level!

Plascon summer colour - red accent
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Plascon summer colour - green inspiration
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The kitchen with green cabinets is in the home of "The Bucket List Family" in Hawaii. All the rooms in their home are inspired by the countries that they have travelled to over the past three years. The kitchen pays homage to Brazil.

Plascon summer colour - red accent

With the high cost of building, the increased commodification of natural resources and the pressing need to reduce our waste and carbon footprints, the use of container units to build houses or as extensions is becoming increasingly popular. We love this guest bathroom within an apartment; it's a perfect fit for both the URBAN colour story and the container design trend.

Plascon summer colour - green
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Green is considered a cool colour and it characteristically represents nature and the natural world. It is calming and brings tranquility into a space. Researchers have also found that it can improve reading ability.

Studies in colour psychology also show that the colour green sparks inventiveness and creativity.

Red, on the other hand, can have both positive and negative effects. A 2007 study shows that the colour red can negatively affect exam scores as it is often associated with a fear of failure. On the flip-side, a 2005 study found that teams that wore red in the Olympics won more games than teams wearing blue.

Plascon summer colour - red accent
IMAGE | Pinterst

Whether it is green or red that takes your fancy, either of them as accents will work perfectly as part of the Plascon URBAN colour story. Enjoy experimenting!