Mar 01, 2019

By Melanie Rosettenstein

If there's one thing we aren't neutral on at Plascon it's the subject of neutrals. We just love these non-colours so much that we have our whole Essential collection dedicated to them. This month we're loving cool, calm and collected Berry Good (P1-A2-3) from the 2019 Colour Forecast's Luxury Colour story. This delightful neutral with a slightly purple undertone helps bring mid-century shapes and tones into the 21st century for a timeless space.

Calming and soothing, Berry Good will make a hot room feel cooler so try it in a kitchen or a room where there's lots of sunlight. We love it because it's fresh, clean and blends well with the Luxury colour palette's autumnal tones and the clean lines of mid-century furniture:

Summer colour inspiration 01 - Berry Good
Updated mid-century tones Regal Black Bean (71) and autumnal Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1) against a backdrop of Berry Good provide a refined colour clash in this traditional scheme.

Visually quiet in a space, neutrals create the best backdrops for pops of colour and personality. Working beautifully with the modern interpretation of mid-century inspired spaces, restful neutrals give space for the rich yellow golds, ambers, deep browns and natural materials so typical of this period to shine:

Summer colour inspiration 02 - Berry Good
IMAGE | amara.com

With this type of interior, accessories are kept to a minimum but be sure to introduce a rich rug, some plants and something metallic and shiny to finish off the look. Don't forget oodles of natural materials like wooden flooring to bring the look home.

Summer colour inspiration 03 - Berry Good
It's good, it's in glass! The amber on the glass is illuminated against the Berry Good backdrop.

Mid-century modern is a design movement in the interior, product, graphic design, architecture and urban development from about the 1930s to the 1970s. While it has remained popular through the decades, a modern interpretation of this design style continues today with updated shades of yellow gold, brown, amber and even olive greens coming to the fore. Berry Good is the perfect backdrop for these colours.

Summer colour inspiration 04 - Berry Good
Against the cool white background, the clean lines, decor and accent colours really pop to give this mid-century space timeless appeal.

This colour scheme is for those who love grown-up spaces but also something a little fun. The natural colours all work beautifully together to bring a feeling of wholesomeness and connection in a classically decorated home. What more would you want for your space as we say goodbye to summer and hunker down for the cooler months?