Jun 01, 2019

For sunshine vibes in your home, yellow is always a good choice. Vibrant and energising, it signifies happiness and warmth perfect for creating cocoons of joy in your space. But did you know that it’s also a future forward colour that can unclog your thinking processes? Light bulb moment! Plascon’s Yellow Jubilee is the perfect primary to transform your home into a space for clear thinking AND happy fun!

Yellow Jubilee is one of the bright primaries energising the Plascon Colour Forecast’s Urban colour palette. For the industrialists at heart, Urban features cementitious neutrals such as Bovine (47) and Silver (38) uplifted with primaries such as Red Flame (R7-A1-1), Pristine Blue (B4-A1-1) and Golf Greens (G4-A1-1). Plascon Head of Decorative Katlego Kondlo says, “These rich colours elevate the urban space and eliminate the need for colourful accessories. The result is a clean, uncluttered yet energetic feel.”

The great thing about yellow is that you can go big or you can go small. For those bolder colour enthusiasts, try it on a statement wall or on your kitchen cupboards for that maximum sunny effect. It’s also a great way to stimulate enlightened conversation in a dining room.


Image credit: Alair Homes. Caption: This bold statement wall easily demarcates the dining room.


Image credit: Big Caption: Happy kitchens!

Not ready to go the full Monty? Yellow accents effortlessly bring vigour and verve into a space. Think pendant lights, cushions, kitchen stools or more for sunny touches of happiness especially in more industrial-inspired spaces.


Image credit: Caption: A pendant light is a great way to introduce pops of yellow into a space.


Image credit: Caption: The welcoming yellow counter uplifts this industrial-inspired kitchen

So what colours go well with colour of the sun? Vibrant yellow and stable grey are a great colour combo. Be sure to add some black and white for extra impact. Other good combinations are yellow and blue, yellow and hot pink, yellow and green and even yellow and purple.


Image credit: Caption: A good dose of primary yellow brightens up this restful grey room.

Urban 7

Image credit: Plascon. Caption: Youthful Yellow Jubilee and industrial Bovine and Silver present an uncluttered yet eclectic feel in this

Urban 9

Image credit: Plascon. Caption: Deeply purple Victorian Lace (P5-C1-1) enriches this artful urban scene that is punctuated with a pop of Yellow Jubilee and greys.

It’s clear that there’s nothing mellow about this yellow! Try Yellow Jubilee for a home filled with funshine and light bulb moments today!