Jun 14, 2019

By Claire Bond

As a colour lover I believe feature walls have the ability to not only uplift your spirits when you live in a space, but a pop of accent colour also has the ability to completely change the mood and energy of your home. 

Some designers believe feature walls are a fad and prefer to stay with traditional matching walls. However, this past weekend, I changed the entire personality of my once blah home by painting a gorgeous mustard coloured wall, so I stand firmly for feature walls! 

What is a feature wall?

This is a statement wall that will create a certain mood through the use of a daring or unique colour. Sometimes, all it takes to reenergize a room is a fresh coat of paint! After all, an updated colour can enhance existing art on a wall or change the look of furniture positioned against it.
Wall with chain and plants inspiration

Where do I start?

Use your imagination and develop your feature wall around a theme that sets the scene and expresses the mood you want your family and guests to feel. Plascon’s Colour Forecast 2019 has four inspiring colour stories to get your creative juices flowing. They’ve chosen the themes Glamour, Luxury, Urban and Minimal to give you inspiration and colour direction.

Reasons to use a feature wall

1. If you’re a person who doesn’t feel a sense of well-being, pride or contentment when you walk through the front door of your home, it’s time to review your existing colour palette and select a statement colour that works with your flooring, furniture, décor and existing paint colour.

2. You have a large space that feels stark and impersonal. Certain colours can make a room feel cosier, and the correct colour choice makes it easier for your family and guests to feel comfortable and relax. Look to shades of red, orange and yellow to help you achieve the above. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest giving Beeswax Candle Y1-B1-1 or Fuzzy Duck Y2-C1-3 a try.

Living space colour inspiration

3. Your space feels cramped and stifling. A blue or green feature wall is one way to make your small room appear more spacious and airy. Also, using a dark and dramatic colour, like Bovine 47 or Dark Onyx 42 (both from the Urban colour story), will create the optical illusion of collapsing walls, which makes your space feel larger than it really is.
Record room with paintings

The Do’s

Do consider the room’s purpose, the mood you want to create, and current colour scheme before selecting your feature wall colour. 

Do select areas that have architecturally distinctive elements, like a fireplace, or where you can place some beautifully crafted furniture, like a drinks’ cabinet, against a bold wall.
Artistic Bathroom colour inspiration

Do use dramatic reds or bold yellows in an entrance hall.
Over the past few years I’ve seen my clients and interior designers gravitate towards cooler colours, such as blues and greens. This year, I’m so excited that bright and warmer tones are back.

Do play with shapes and patterns. Enhance your feature wall with eye-catching colour blocking – one of Plascon’s top design trends for 2019.
Exposed cement wall colour inspiration

Do consider using your ceiling as a “fifth wall.”

Tshepo Sealetsa, consultant interior designer at JVR Architects and founder of Tshepo Sealetsa Studio, uses the fifth wall in residential spaces to create a sense of mystery. He admits, “I think you have to be quite a brave and daring person to try out this kind of interior style.”
Ceiling colour inspiration

Do add visual interest to a small space by painting your ceiling in an alternative colour and leaving your walls a simple grey-beige, silver or raw cement colour. In doing so, your ceilings will look higher.
Hallway ceiling colour inspiration
Do use feature walls in your garden. Add stripes to your perimeter wall to give your exterior environment a facelift while you express your sense of individuality.

Exterior colour inspiration

Image courtesy of Claire Bond

The Don’ts

Don’t create a feature wall in a room that’s already over-crowded. A feature wall should be a highlight –  it needs room to breathe.

Don’t make a feature wall out of a wall that has doors. The objective is to create a beautiful focal point where the eye can rest – doors break up the wall’s continuity and ruin the illusion.

Don’t accent the long-sided wall in a long and skinny room. Accenting this wall will only make it seem longer and the room’s proportion will feel off-balance.

Don’t panic. Have fun and remember – rules are meant to be broken. After all, it’s your space, so you should it enjoy it!

*** TIP ***

We tend to huddle behind closed doors in winter.
Why not use this seasonal downtime to re-imagine your space and commit to painting a wall in a colour that expresses exactly who you are?