Aug 01, 2019

Deep, rich and moody – indigo is caught between blue and violet on the colour spectrum and exudes strength, dignity and deep sincerity. Plascon’s Night’s Cloak (P1-C1-1) is the ideal indigo blue to bring these mindful qualities into your space. 
indigo blue décor accessories

Clearly calming! The deep indigo blue brings this arrangement of décor accessories to life creating a soft, minimal effect.

Night’s Cloak is part of the Plascon Colour Forecast’s Minimal colour story. With futuristic neutrals punctuated with fresh pops of colour, this palette is aimed at the innovative freethinker who likes an uncluttered space that is primed for introspection and accessing the higher mind. 

While this colour has a complex effect on our minds, decorating with it is surprisingly easy and Night’s Cloak is the perfect hue to get started. Here are five ways in which to create that introspective space with Night’s Cloak:

1. Night’s Cloak on your ceiling

Painted ceilings are right on trend! Painting the fifth wall not only draws the eye up and through the space, it also adds interest and depth to an otherwise non-descript room. 
ceiling painted in Night’s Cloak

This ceiling painted in Night’s Cloak grounds the stark white walls adding interest and depth.

2. Night’s Cloak as an accent colour

What better way to infuse a cosy space with warmth than by adding more warmth and cosiness? Because it has violet in it, indigo blues can be warm and when used correctly, can instantly change the mood of a room. Paint it on a wall behind an indigo blue sofa for some monochromatic layered drama. Or push the boat out and paint it on some book shelves for a super intellectual look. 
 COTM01 2

This moody blue space is oh so inviting! (reference: )

indigo studybg Tap into your higher mind with an indigo study (reference: )

 3. Night’s Cloak at the beach

Indigo combined with whites and woods just oozes beach chic. Use it sparingly on a neutral palette with colours such as Daiquiri Cream (G4-B2-3) or Ravine (62) and throw in lots of texture to bring some lazy coastal vibes into your space. 


Beach vibes only in this laid-back neutral space punctuated with pops of indigo blue (reference: )

4. Night’s cloak with pops of colour

For instant energy, team up your indigo blue with bold brights such as Go Go Red (R4-A1-1), Lemon Rind (Y4-A1-3) or Orange Delight (O5-A1-4). 

Night’s Cloak combined with confident Go Go Red

Refined Night’s Cloak combined with confident Go Go Red on future forward neutral Daiquiri Cream creates a minimal mindful space. 

5. Night’s Cloak on your walls

If you’re thinking Delft china then you’re on the right track! Indigo blue wall art just speaks classic sophistication. From wall hangings to plates to paintings to ceramic tiles – this is a great way to introduce the colour without going all out!

A contem-PLATE-ive ensemble

A contem-PLATE-ive ensemble (reference: )