A Modern, Bohemian Wonderland

Elle woke up to find herself shaded by the leaves of a big Marula tree. After sitting up with a start and shaking off the haze, she took a breath and looked around. “Where am I? Did I fall?” 
She knew she had been looking for something, but she couldn’t remember what…

It was after she took that last sho’t right that everything changed. She met an elusive character with an eerie grin who called himself Kgosi - King of Colour. Modesty was not his strong point, but rhyming seemed to be, and she needed some kind of guidance, so she entertained his conversation.


“You’ve come so far, Elle. You’ve been so brave. Have you found what you’re looking for?”
“Sometimes I can’t even remember what that is anymore…” sighed Elle. 
“Let me give you something for your journey. A gift. A treasure. You may choose any one of these four treasures, and keep them forever.” said Kgosi

Elle was so intrigued she didn’t breathe a word for fear of interrupting him. 


“Gift number one is a real show-stopper - I call this gift Mystic Copper. You will be warm when it’s cold, bold when others are timid and bathed in an umber glow, wherever you go.”


“Choosing gift number two may also be wise - I call this gift Orange Surprise. You’ll feel invigorated, with a zest for life, even if you’re faced with some kind of strife. Soak yourself in juicy joy wherever your journey may take you.”


“Downy Duckling is gift number three - you’ll be cosy and swimming in tranquility. Peace and serenity will be yours and open up many extraordinary doors. Become the bedouin of your own mellow yellow boho story.”

“The last of my gifts is called Gold Cadillac - where you’ll find yourself off the beaten track. You’ll be fearless and authentically real and fall in love with the way that you feel. Douse yourself in hushed tones of mustard and hints of vintage gold as you explore this wonderland.”



“Which one will you choose, Elle?”…