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    By Mpho Firewater | Jun 14, 2019
    As a colour lover I believe feature walls have the ability to not only uplift your spirits when you live in a space, but a pop of accent colour also has the ability to completely change the mood and energy of your home.
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  • CoTM March 2019 - thumb


    By David Catherine | Mar 01, 2019
    If there's one thing we aren't neutral on at Plascon it's the subject of neutrals. Cool, calm, fresh and clean, "Berry Good" is a delightful neutral with a slightly purple undertone that helps bring mid-century shapes and tones into the 21st century for a timeless space.
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  • Trends - Rainbow Summer thumb


    By David Catherine | Feb 22, 2019
    Each spring and summer the internet is awash with ideas to bring the outside in and the inside out, in our homes. Interior designer Andre Moolman gives us his insights into current trends.
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  • summer colour - green blue


    By David Catherine | Feb 12, 2019
    We're looking past reds this Valentine's Day to our beautiful nude neutral. Nutmeg Dust is a soft, pink, summer-loving hue that creates the ideal canvas for an irresistibly Instagram-able space filled with glamour and romance.
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  • 2019 colour trends - plascon silver

    Colour of the Month January 2019 – Plascon Silver (38)

    By David Catherine | Jan 02, 2019
    As we shift into 2019, at the top of mind are trends for our homes and workplaces. One colour that we foresee featuring strongly in 2019 is Plascon Silver (38).
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    Colour of the Month December 2018 – Golf Greens and Red Flame

    By David Catherine | Dec 05, 2018
    Whether it is green or red that takes your fancy, either of them as accents will work perfectly as part of the Plascon URBAN colour story.
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  • CoTM Nov 2018 - thumbnail

    Colour of the Month November 2018 – Ravine

    By David Catherine | Nov 13, 2018
    In an overstimulated world, grey is a wonderful colour to get us back to basics. Our 2019 Forecast Neutral of the Year and November Colour of the Month, Ravine (62), is warm mauve-grey hue that is the perfect canvas to start re-imagining your home this summer.
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  • spring summer colour - hooray 26

    Colour of the Month October 2018 – HOORAY!

    By David Catherine | Oct 03, 2018
    What better way to celebrate the new season than by adding a little vibrant energy with the ‘fluorescent’ pastel HOORAY O3-A1-3. A perfect colour to add excitement and cheerfulness to any palette, space, and beauty or fashion accessory.
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  • Desert Spring 09

    Colour of the Month September 2018 – Desert Spring

    By David Catherine | Aug 31, 2018
    Our Plascon Colour of the Month, Desert Spring (G1-C2-3), is the perfect pastel paint colour to introduce you to spring. A dynamic shade that oscillates between misty blue and watery green, it is a refreshing tone that is guaranteed to breathe life into any designed space.
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  • thumbnail auto

    Trains, Planes and Automobiles

    By Zu Moore | Aug 06, 2018
    Could there be anything more beautiful than a shiny Hot n Spicy sports car? We think not. July’s Plascon colour of the month is Hot-n-Spicy and there is no better way to pay tribute to the automotive industry greats than talking about this iconic colour.
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  • cotm-thumb

    Colour of the Month July 2018 - Hot n Spicy

    By David Catherine | Jul 02, 2018
    Our Colour of the Month, Hot n Spicy R6-B1-1 from the 2018 Colour Forecast, reflects the winds of global change. Its dynamic energy propels us forward and helps us gather momentum in order to pave a new way into the future.
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  • automobile-automotive-blue-165600_ Burak Kepabci _1_ thumbnail

    Blue set to be favourite car colour in 2018!

    By Zu Moore | Jun 18, 2018
    Blue set to be favourite car colour in 2018!
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  • CoTM April 2018 -  intro thumb

    Our Colour of the Month for April 2018 is Tuscan Wall

    By David Catherine | Apr 02, 2018
    Autumn is in the air! Be inspired with this rich, opulent yellow (Tuscan Wall Y1-B1-2) – Plascon's colour of the month for April.
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  • Lovers Kiss_feb 2018

    Colour of the Month February 2018 - Lover's Kiss

    By David Catherine | Feb 06, 2018
    Our Valentine colour of the month, Lover’s Kiss is glamorous, flirty, whimsical, daring, enticing and creative. Tints and shades of this colour are perfect for every room in the house, from living rooms to kitchens as well as retailers.
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  • opener white_1

    Colour of the month for January 2018 - Antique Petal

    By Zu Moore | Jan 02, 2018
    Our colour of the month for January 2018 symbolizes new beginnings and exciting challenges ahead.
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  • lavender veil_com_ nov2017_200 x 200

    Colour of the Month November 2017 – Lavender Veil

    By Plascon SA | Oct 31, 2017
    Our colour of the month, Lavender Veil (P4-A2-1), combines the stability of blue with the energy of red to strike a perfect balance. In colour psychology, experts say that lilac (a shade of purple) encourages creativity, uplifts and calms the mind and nerves.
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  • Trends-Blog-14- 200 x 200

    Sanlam HmC Unwrap well-made in Africa

    By Plascon SA | Oct 13, 2017
    Yesterday evening we attended the preview of the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fairnofollow (Sanlam HmC) in Hyde Park. If you are in Johannesburg this weekend, the go-to place is definitely the Hyde Park Corner Rooftop. Whether you take the family during the day, or go for a night out with friends, you will have fun either way.
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  • October

    Colour of the Month October 2017 – Mellow Blue

    By Plascon SA | Sep 28, 2017
    Summer is in the air and what better colour to share with you than a soft breezy shade of ‘mellow’ blue. This hue brings to mind expansive open skies and endless oceans, creating a sense of calm and reprieve during these turbulent times.
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  • Colour of the month sept and coty 2018

    Colour of the Month September 2017- Amadeus

    By Plascon SA | Sep 01, 2017
    Get into the spring mood with Amadeus (Y2-B1-4), Plascon’s 2018 Neutral of the Year and September’s colour of the month.
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  • colour forecast 200x 200

    We bring you the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast

    By Plascon South Africa | Aug 09, 2017
    It is with much excitement that I share the news with you that the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast will be launched today at Decorex Johannesburg
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