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We’ve released our much-awaited colour palette for 2023!

Our theme for the Plascon Colour Forecast 2023 - “bringing it home” - looks closer to home, and to wonderfully familiar landscapes to find the comfort, joy and wellbeing we are in search of as global events and challenges continue to impact on us. Colours inspired by our natural landscapes makes their presence felt, as do soothing hues. For those drawn to the bold, a combination of monochromes will deliver a sharp and fresh graphic note, while rich pigments speak to the influence of traditional prints and weaves. 

When it comes to colour trends for 2023, local and international drivers are experiencing a marked synergy. Despite global unrest surrounding politics, social injustice and the climate crisis, African landscapes, art and design shine through a seemingly bleak backdrop to bring warmth, hope and a celebration of nature to interior design directions. The trending colours for 2023 are therefore heavily influenced by what is wonderfully familiar and unique to us here in South Africa.

From sun-drenched skies casting a radiant glow, to sun-bleached greens and neutrals, Plascon has identified rich yet muted colours that look to our environment for joy and comfort. The focus on nature sees a combination of natural lighting, landscapes and indigenous plants driving specific colours and combinations. Soft neutrals such as Plascon Fragrant Day (Y6-C2-2), Plascon Bleached Baobab (Y2-C2-2), Plascon Evening Mist (1), Plascon Rain Slicker (Y5-A2-2) and Plascon Fun in The Sun (Y1-A2-1) provide gentle backdrops for more pigmented, nature-inspired colours.

Light, sun and their effect on the appearance of colours, have inspired a collection of radiant yellow hues such as Plascon Sunkissed (Y3-A1-2), Plascon Baked Earth (O4-B1-1) and Plascon Safari Sun (O7-C1-1). Moving into green hues, colours such as Plascon Green Glass (81), Plascon Garden Scent (G3-B2-3), Plascon Coming

My Way (G2-C2-2) and Plascon Lime Juice (​​Y6-B1-2) are a nod to ​​plant-based tones

In addition to the natural inspiration, the Plascon 2023 Colour Forecast explores colours that are relevant to a post-pandemic world where increased awareness of health and wellness are key. Here, the importance of sleep, rest and calm has inspired a circadian (a natural cycle recurring every 24 hours) collection of soothing pastel hues such as Plascon Downy Comfort (O2-B2-2), Plascon Miami Pink (R5-B1-3), Plascon Windstar (B4-B2-3) and Plascon Steamy Shadow (P3-E2-1).

Meanwhile, for those drawn to the bold, a combination of sharp and nuanced monochromes such as Plascon Phantom Ship (60), Plascon Lagoon Mirror (3) and Plascon Rhine Castle (54) deliver fresh graphic notes to spaces. Uniquely African hues inspired by traditional prints and weaves also bring a touch of drama. These rich pigments such as Plascon Coffee Shop (O2-D1-2), Plascon Baked Earth (O4-B1-1), Plascon River God (B2-D1-2), and Plascon Red Flame (R7-A1-1) add depth to the lighter, neutral backdrops.

For free advice on how to use the Plascon 2023 Colour Forecast or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: Visit for more information

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