WoodCare Sanding Sealer

PLASCON WoodCare Sanding Sealer is a nitrocellulose based semi-matt sanding sealer

WoodCare Knot Seal

PLASCON WoodCare Knot Seal is a quick-drying clear sealer

WCUltraTin - packshot
WoodCare Ultra Varnish

PLASCON WoodCare Ultra Varnish is a single pack polyurethane varnish

WCNaturalDeckTub - packshot
WoodCare Natural Deck Coating

PLASCON WoodCare Natural Deck Coating is a water-based deck coating for exterior use

WCSunproofTin - Packshot
WoodCare Sunproof Varnish

PLASCON WoodCare Sunproof Varnish is a modified alkyd varnish with outstanding sun-screening properties

WCFloorTin - packshot
WoodCare Floor Varnish

PLASCON WoodCare Floor Varnish is a top-quality, hard-wearing, clear interior floor coating

WCPreservativeTin - packshot
WoodCare Wood Preservative

PLASCON WoodCare Wood Preservative is a penetrating oil based coating for the protection and waterproofing of exterior timber

Woodcare Waterbased Ext - packshot
WoodCare Water-Based Exterior

PLASCON WoodCare Exterior is a premium quality water-based coating

Woodcare Waterbased Int - packshot
WoodCare Water-Based Interior

PLASCON WoodCare Interior is a premium quality water-based coating