Tips & Techniques

Scrubbed too hard? Here is the low down

May 08, 2017
This occurs when a painted surface is scrubbed with a brush, sponge, or cloth, and the paint film wears away, or is removed altogether.


  • Choosing the wrong sheen for the area.
  • Using a lower quality paint.
  • Using an overly aggressive scrub medium. (See Burnishing.)
  • Not allowing adequate time for the paint to dry before washing it.


Areas that need frequent cleaning require a high-quality paint with good scrub resistance. Use a satin or gloss paint in high-traffic areas, as these are better equipped to withstand repeated cleaning than matt paint. 

Allow adequate time for the paint to dry, as scrub-resistance will not fully develop until the paint is thoroughly cured – a process that typically takes at least one week. Test the scrub resistance of the painted surface by first cleaning it your mildest detergent and least-abrasive material.