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DIY: Creative Cabinet

Aug 27, 2015

Create your own masterpiece!
Chest-Of-Drawers-1 (1)

Update a tired old chest of drawers using a lick of paint and a personal photograph.



  • Old cabinet
  • 100 grit sandpaper and wood filler if necessary
  • Plascon paint
  • A personal photograph printed to size on 80 gsm paper
  • Modge Podge
  • Sponge roller
  • Craft knife
  • Handles (we used copper pipe saddle brackets)



STEP 1: Measure the front of the cabinet and add 2cm to the height and width. Have a personal photograph enlarged and printed at ORMS Print Room & Framing. Remember to take in a sheet of 80 gsm paper for them to print it on.


STEP 2: Sand the cabinet to remove any rough patches. The drawers in particular need to be very smooth, since the applied print will reveal any imperfections underneath.


STEP 3: If there are chips or scratches in the wood you would like to fix, now’s the time! Apply the wood filler according to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that it has dried completely before sanding it lightly.


STEP 4: Paint the cabinet in the colour of your choice. We applied two coats, then sanded the edges slightly to achieve a vintage look. There's no need to paint the drawers since you’ll be applying the print over them.

STEP 5: Using the roller, apply a layer of Modge Podge to the drawers. Make sure that you clean any excess from the sides so the print doesn’t stick to anything except the drawers.

STEP 6: Apply the print and allow to dry before you start cutting the paper away with the craft knife. Ensure that you cut the paper slowly and carefully – it's wet, so it can tear quite easily. Don’t cut the paper directly on the edge of the drawer since the overlap will allow you to finish off the edges neatly.

STEP 7: Apply 2 coats of Modge Podge over the paper, allowing the first layer to dry completely before applying the final one. This will create a varnish over the paper to protect it.


STEP 8: Once the Modge Podge has dried, check all the corners: if they are completely stuck down, carefully lift it up and apply more Modge Podge under the paper and over it and allow to dry.

STEP 9: Fix the handles in place and stand back to admire your work.


HANDY HINT: Drill the holes for the handles before you apply the print to avoid damaging the paper.


Copy and Photographs via Orms and Homeology