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Discover the 2024 Eternal Winter Colour Palette from Plascon

Introducing the Eternal Colour Palette! Filled with colours that’ll fit into your space.

As winter approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your home with the warmth and tranquillity of the 2024 Eternal Winter Colour Palette by Plascon. This collection is specially designed to bring comfort and style into your spaces during the colder months.

Introducing the 2024 Eternal Winter Colours

This year’s winter palette brings together a unique blend of colours that’ll make any room feel cosy and inviting. With Cloud Number Nine (B6-A2-3) and Smoke Bush (P4-E2-3) you get the softness of the winter sky, adding a touch of serenity to your home. The subtle purples of Fragrant Flower (B7-D1-4) and Grey Archo
(P1-E1-3) introduce a quiet elegance, perfect for creating a peaceful retreat.

The warm neutrals of Ravine (62), Wilted Leaf (31), and Stuffing (36) act like a warm hug, ideal for those chilly days. And the vibrant Terra Nova (R6-D1-2) adds a dash of deep warmth, ensuring your home feels lively and cosy.

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Using the Eternal Winter Palette in Your Home

  • In bedrooms, Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) and Fragrant Flower (B7-D1-4) can help you relax and sleep well, creating restful nights.
  • Passages or hallways become welcoming with the rich warmth of Terra Nova (R6-D1-2), making your home feel inviting.
  • For reading nooks blending Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) with Ravine (62) creates a snug atmosphere for relaxation.

Eternal Winter Palette for Every Room

Beyond personal spaces, the 2024 Eternal Winter Colour Palette is versatile for living areas, kitchens, and even nurseries. The combination of ethereal purples and warm neutrals offers a sanctuary from the winter cold, enveloping every room in comfort and peace.

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