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Pollycell Poly Filla Exterior
White cement based general purpose filler.
Plascon Bonding Liquid
Plascon Bonding Liquid is a transparent green, matt, resin based binding agent...
Plascon Metalcare Mild Steel Primer
Plascon Metalcare Mild Steel Primer
Plascon Metalcare Mild Steel Primer is a good quality alkyd-based zinc phosphate...
Plascon_Metalcare WB Metal Primera
Plascon Metalcare WB Metal Primer
Plascon Metalcare Metal Water-Based Primer is a single pack waterborne, anti-corrosive primer...
Plascon Multi-Surface Primer
Plascon Multi-surface Primer is a water-based multi-surface primer for use on a...
Plascon Plaster Primer
Plascon Plaster Primer is a solvent based primer for masonry and gypsum...
Plascon Universal Undercoat
Plascon Universal Undercoat is a universal alkyd based undercoat
Plascon Wood Primer
Plascon Wood Primer is an oleo resinous pink coloured penetrating primer for...
Plascon Acryline Air Dry Promoter
Plascon Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer
A premium water-based primer for new cement plaster, gypsum, fibre-cement, concrete, brickwork,...
TradePro Solvent-Based Primer
Plascon TradePro Solvent-Based Primer is an alkali-resistant primer for interior and exterior...
TradePro Undercoat
Plascon TradePro Undercoat is an alkyd based undercoat for general interior and...
TradePro Water-Based Primer
Plascon TradePro Water-Based Primer is a water-based primer for masonry surfaces

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