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Plascon’s 2024 Autumn Colour Palette Inspired by African Crafts

Embrace the Warmth of Africa

Plascon is excited to reveal our latest celebration of colour and heritage: the 2024 Autumn Colour Palette, Origin. This collection transcends mere aesthetics, inviting homeowners and designers alike into an immersive journey that captures the essence of African craftsmanship and the rich, earthy tones of the continent’s landscapes.

Discover the Essence of Autumn with Plascon’s Origin Palette

Drawing inspiration from the roots and preservation of traditional African crafts, Origin features an authentic palette that harmonises earthen and organic tones, perfect for the upcoming interior design trends of 2024. From the comforting embrace of Parmesan Sauce (Y5-C2-2) to the radiant glow of Turkish Tart (Y2-B1-3) and Spanish Gold (Y1-C1-1), this palette promises to infuse your spaces with the warmth and vibrancy of an African autumn. Adding warmth are the natural clay pink of You’re My Sweetie (O4-C2-2) and the grounding Ginger Biscuit (O1-C1-1), while cooler Shaded Green Fog (G1-E1-3) and the contrast of Light Reflection (Y6-A2-3) and Ewa (72) offer modern versatility.

A Tribute to African Craftsmanship and Warmth

Plascon’s Origin Autumn Colour Palette for 2024 is more than a collection of colours—it’s a homage to the rich cultural heritage and artistic expression of Africa. It invites you to create living spaces that are not just visually stunning but deeply connected to the continent’s traditions and crafts. As the seasons change, let “Origin” guide your interior design choices, bringing the warmth, depth, and diversity of African landscapes and crafts into your home. Whether you’re redesigning a single room or embarking on a larger renovation project, “Origin” offers a palette that combines contemporary trends with timeless warmth. Discover how Plascon’s 2024 Autumn Colour Palette can transform your space and embrace the upcoming interior design trends with “Origin.” Celebrate the season of change with colours that resonate with beauty, comfort, and the enduring spirit of African crafts. For free advice on how to use the Plascon Colour Combination 2024, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: 

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