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Professional Coatings

Professional Coatings
Professional Coatings
Artboard 3
Plascon Brick Seal Exterior
A clear siloxane based water repellent treatment.
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Plascon Skim Coat Exterior
A ready-mixed acrylic skim plaster
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Plascon Skim Coat Interior
A ready-mixed acrylic skim plaster.
Plascon Professional Wall Coats Superior Low Sheen
Professional Superior Low Sheen
Professional Superior Low Sheen Highly durable acrylic emulsion paint.
Plascon Profressional Textured Coats (1)
Professional 4in1
PLASCON PROFESSIONAL TEXTURED 4-IN-1 is a water-based acrylic sealer, primer, water repellent...
Plascon Professional Textured Marroca Coarse Texture
Professional Marroca Coarse Texture
A coarse textured water-based paint with excellent exterior durability and weather resistance.
Plascon Maroca Heavy Texture
Professional Marroca Heavy Texture 2mm Stone
2mm High Build Floating Stone (Scratch Textured Finish) coating, vertical and swirl...
Plascon Professional Textured Coats Marroca Heavy Texture
Professional Marroca Heavy Texture 1mm Suede
A 1mm tight pattern attractive granular suede finish coating. Specifications Appearance: Rough...
Plascon Professional Marroca Rippled Texture
Professional Marroca Rippled Texture
A high build water-based rippled coating.
Plascon Wall Coats Contractors matt
Professional Contractors Matt
A medium quality modified acrylic emulsion paint.
Plascon Wall Coats Aquarista
Professional Aquarista
A durable pure acrylic emulsion paint with good flexibility and waterproofing properties.
Plascon Wall Coats All Purpose Matt
Professional All Purpose Matt
A medium quality modified acrylic emulsion paint

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