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MasterMix Balanced Base Coat Range (BBR)
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Paint Calculator
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MasterMix Balanced Base Coat Range (BBR)


Various colours
N/A Years Guarantee

Features / Intended Uses

Easy to blend in.
A wide range of coloured toners including silvers and a full range of pearls.

Available colours:
BBR001511-0001 Red Blue
BBR001512-0001 Dark Blue
BBR001513-0001 Black
BBR001514-0005 White
BBR001515-0005 Jet Black
BBR001516-0001 Pink
BBR001517-0001 Maroon
BBR001518-0001 Blue
BBR001519-0001 Blue Green
BBR001520-0001 Bright Blue
BBR001521-0001 Strong Blue
BBR001522-0001 Micro White
BBR001523-0001 Bright Red
BBR001524-0001 Deep Red
BBR001525-0001 Red Oxide
BBR001526-0001 Violet
BBR001527-0001 Yellow Oxide
BBR001528-0001 Lemon
BBR001529-0001 Yellow
BBR001530-0001 Orange
BBR001531-0001 Trans Organic Yellow
BBR001532-0001 Trans Yellow Oxide
BBR001533-0001 Trans Red Oxide
BBR001534-0001 Dark Red
BBR001535-0001 Green Gold
BBR001536-0001 Deep Black
BBR001537-0001 Magenta
BBR001538-0001 Burgundy
BBR001539-0001 Trans Brown
BBR001540-0001 Rich Red
BBR001541-0001 Effect Additive
BBR001542-0001 Trans Black
BBR001543-0001 Strong White
BBR001544-0001 Strong Red
BBR001545-0001 Trans Violet
BBR001546-0001 Strong Yellow
BBR011547-0500 Transe Orange
BBR001574-0001 Graphitan Black
BBR011577-0500 Gold Metallic
BBR001578-0001 Green
BBR001579-0001 Brilliant Red
BBR001580-0001 Purple Red
BBR011598-0500 Platinum Sliver Fine
BBR011599-0500 Platinum Silver
BBR001550-0001 Gold Xirallic
BBR001551-0001 Copper Xirallic
BBR001552-0001 Blue Xirallic
BBR001553-0001 White Xirallic
BBR001554-0001 Red Xirallic
BBR001555-0001 Green Xirallic
BBR001560-0001 Blue Pearl
BBR001561-0001 Green Pearl
BBR001562-0001 Red Pearl
BBR001563-0001 White Pearl
BBR001564-0001 Gold Pearl
BBR001565-0001 Silver Pearl
BBR001566-0001 Red/ Brown Pearl
BBR001567-0001 Pink Pearl
BBR001568-0001 Russet Red Pearl
BBR001569-0001 Bright Gold Pearl
BBR001570-0001 Dark Green Pearl
BBR001571-0001 Bright Blue Pearl
BBR001572-0001 Red Violet Pearl
BBR001573-0001 Light Red Pearl
BBR001575-0001 Platinum Pearl
BBR001576-0001 Fine Blue Pearl
BBR001590-0005 Ultra Coarse
BBR001591-0005 Coarse
BBR001592-0005 Fine
BBR001593-0001 Sparkle
BBR001594-0005 Brilliant Fine
BBR001595-0005 Brilliant
BBR001596-0001 Ultra Fine
BBR001597-0001 Effect Silver


For professional use only.
Caution – Clear-coat contains isocyanate. When spraying, operator must wear compressed air breathing apparatus or other suitable protection which is satisfactory for use with isocyanates.


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