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Southgate Mall Steps Up with a Fresh Plascon Coat

Southgate Mall, a renowned shopping center in Johannesburg, underwent a revitalization project in collaboration with Plascon. The project aimed to modernize the mall's facades and address paintwork issues. Plascon provided a five-coat system, including a primer, waterproofing, and durable exterior paint. The partnership included technical support, product management, moisture measurements, and thickness testing to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting finish, aligned with the client's vision for the mall's aesthetic transformation.

Established in 1990, the iconic Southgate Mall was earmarked as the first cosmopolitan regional shopping centre in the South of Johannesburg and soon gave rise to several other shopping centres around the Johannesburg area. Located in the heart of the southern suburbs, at the Gateway to Soweto, an infamous township area in the country, Southgate Mall is a seamless blend of magnificent shopping options as well as a variety of eateries and take-aways well suited to all tastebuds and budgets.  Southgate Mall is strategically positioned opposite its convenience centre – the Southgate Value Market spanning across 19950m2, jointly offering shoppers an incomparable shopping experience. 

Our Role

Plascon is a brand associated with superior quality, world-class innovation, and a promise to not only meet required results but exceed expectations.  A joint venture between LeapServe Property Services, Architects – Iyer Urban Designs, specialist Plascon Preferred Applicator – Pivot Painting & Renovation Solutions and Plascon, the mandate from an architectural perspective was to update the look and feel of the facades with a modern approach, while the aesthetic directive was to address the poor condition of the paintwork by providing a solution that would prove sustainable yet still in alignment with the aspired look and feel.  

Key considerations:

Following our professional and technical inspection of the building our team highlighted the following areas that would need to be addressed: 

  • A large majority of the plastered surface was covered with craze cracking. 
  • The current white coat showed signs of extreme dirt.

Our Solution

With a specific request from the client for a Plascon 10-year guarantee solution we proposed the Plascon five-coat system which comprised the following: 

  • A Full Prime

With a large portion of the plastered surface worn from cracks the Plascon Professional Gypsum Plaster Primer (PP 700) was specified. Areas with severe cracking was chipped to the brick and replastered. The key features of this product that positioned it as the preferred choice included its ability to provide good adhesion as its suitability under topcoats. 

  • 2 Full Coats of Plascon Professional Aquarista with embedded Vivian Regina Crakgon Tissue

Specified by our technical team, this product would prove itself as a hero product in this project with the following key features.  During the initial inspection it was ascertained most of the cracked surfaces could be attributed to water damage from the excessive rainfall South Africa does experience during the summers. This product is used as waterproofing coating for plastered or bagged walls, it further has a low water absorption to prevent the ingress of moisture and as a result will improve waterproofing properties at the required film thickness. The high level of flexibility associated with this product allows it to expand and contract over cracked surfaces which will assist in keeping cracks minimal over the 10-year period. 

2 Full Coats Plascon Micatex

Plascon Micatex has over the years proven itself as a paint product in a class of its own with exceptional superiority and longevity. The specification of this product on this project was based on the key features of the product which aligned seamlessly with the clients’ requests. The unique weather-tough formulation for protection against the harshest weather conditions including the strong UV rays of a South African sun as well as the extensive summer rains. The aesthetic appeal offered by its fine texture makes it an ideal exterior matt paint. Its key ingredients mica for stretch and marble for strength allows a Micatex coat to cover and prevent hairline cracks.

Plascon Professional Colour Matching

As part of the new design and aesthetic vision the team selected two Plascon Inspired Colours tinted in Micatex namely: Hong Kong Mist 64 and Jet Black E33/7.

Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge

Offering the 360°Plascon partnership pledge which involves free onsite project management and technical intervention to overcome various environmental and structural challenges, formed part of our solution and was provided by QA Project Lab.

The role of QA Project Lab comprised the following: 

Product Management as per Specifications 

The products specified for the project were stored at an onsite storage facility, the team at QA Project Lab, were tasked with ensuring the correct products as per the specifications were readily available for the team at Pivot Painting and Renovation Solutions. 

Correct Product Application 

To receive the maximum potential from Plascon products application techniques as well as managing certain conditions are critical during the painting process. The technical team at QA Project Lab played a pivotal role in guiding the painting contractors in utilising the correct application techniques. This included surface preparation and inspections to ensure cracks and accumulated dirt were repaired and removed prior to primer application. 

Moisture Measurements 

Moisture measurements forms an integral part of the painting process. During this process a Protimeter Survey Master is used to measure the moisture levels within the walls to confirm the moisture levels are low or non-existent prior to application to allow the paint to adhere to the surfaces avoiding any form of peeling or cracking. 

Thickness Testing 

As per technical specifications each coat must be applied within certain micron parameters, this guarantees the product is able to display its key features and can withstand the 10-year guarantee offered. QA Project Lab offered two types of film thickness tests. The first was a wet film thickness test, conducted with a Elcometer which is used to quickly and easily measure paint and coating thickness immediately after application and before curing. The purpose of this test is to confirm the initial application is within the micron parameters and will provide a good base for the topcoat. 

The second thickness testing offered was the dry film thickness test conducted with an Aluminium WFT Combs. This test is done once the coat is dry and is essential to assess the quality and lifespan the coat will offer. 


After Primer

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